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    Omega 7 fatty acids from Sea buckthorn

    • Unique SBA24 formulation extracted from berries and seeds
    • Contains omega 7 oil plus the omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9
    • With beta-carotene which contributes to normal skin and normal mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth, and abdomen
    • Manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical standards
    • Does not contain gluten, lactose, soy, yeast, or sugar
    • Used in clinical research
    • Award winner in UK, 2015 
    • Please note that this is a Dutch package


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    Bio-Omega 7

    Pharma Nord

    Dietary supplement
      2 capsules              %RDA*  4 capsules  %RDA*
    Sea Buckthorn oil 1000 mg ** 2000 mg **
    Monounsaturated fatty acids         480 mg ** 960 mg **
    of which Omega 7 300 mg ** 600 mg **
                    Omega 9 180 mg ** 360 mg **
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids 300 mg ** 600 mg **
    of which Omega 3 130 mg **  260 mg **
                    Omega 6 170 mg ** 340 mg **
    Betacarotene 800 µg ** 1600 µg **
                 corresponding to vitamin A         133 µg 17% 267 µg 33%
    Vitamin E            4 mg 33% 8 mg 67%

    * RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance. ** RDA not determined.

    Product Facts

    2 capsules twice daily with food and drink for the first two weeks, 1 capsule twice a daily thereafter. Do not exceed recommended amount.

    Nutritional supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    Sea buckthorn oil SBA24 (hippophae rhamnoides L.)*; 
    capsule shell: Modified maize starch,
    humectant: glycerol, gelling agent: carrageenan,
    acidity regulator: disodium phosphate,
    vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol), vitamin A (bèta-carotene),
    antioxidant: Rosemary extract*

    Free from artificial colouring, yeast, sugar and gluten

    Room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
    *manufactured by means of a gentle CO2 extraction method.

    Omega 7

    Omega 7 Pharma Nord is a dietary supplement consisting of soft vegetable capsules with 500 mg of standardized sea buckthorn oil in each capsule. Rosemary extract has been added as an antioxidant.

    Unique sea buckthorn oil
    The sea buckthorn oil in Omega 7 Pharma Nord is designated SBA24. It is a unique formulation that has been used in many clinical trials. The oil is extracted from both the berries and seeds from the sea buckthorn plant, which provides the richest combination of active ingredients. For example, the oil contains all the different types of natural vitamin E in the form of tocopherols and tocotrienols. In addition, the oil is rich in natural carotenoids, including beta carotene.  There are only trace amounts of phytosterols (a type of phytoestrogen) in the oil. In that sense, the capsules are considered to be devoid of phytoestrogen activity.

    Oxygen-free extraction
    The oil is extracted in an oxygen-free environment by means of CO2 extraction. During the extraction of the vegetable oil, the air with its content of 21% oxygen is replaced with CO2. This method delivers the best active compounds. This is an environmentally friendly, organic and solvent-free method. CO2 effectively preserves the chemical composition of extracts and don't leave residues on the extract.

    The extraction method

    • is a completely natural process
    • protects the delicate oils by not using high temperatures
    • is environmentally friendly and organic and does not involve the use of solvents.
    • causes no loss of biologically active compounds due to the extremely gentle manufacturing process.

    Sea buckthorn and mucous membranes

    When women reach menopause, due to changes in their hormonal system, they often become more aware of maintaining their mucous membrane’s ability to retain their natural moisture. One of the vitamins that is especially important for maintaining normal mucous membranes is vitamin A.

    One of nature's richest sources of vitamin A (beta-carotene) is berries and seeds from sea buckthorn. With Omega 7 from Pharma Nord, you supply your mucous membranes with generous amounts of beta-carotene in a very bioavailable form which is extracted from both berries and seeds.

    What is sea buckthorn?

    The sea buckthorn plant (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to six meters tall. The plant grows wild in Europe and Asia, typically in dunes along coasts. In mountainous areas it can be found in dry river beds. The female plants get characteristic orange-colored stone fruits, which are rich in essential and non-essential fatty acids, flavonoids, fruit acids and beta-carotene and more.

    There are only a few plants that are good sources of the important polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition to omega 7 fatty acid, sea buckthorn oil is a good source of the omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid and the omega 6 fatty acid linoleic acid, both of which are essential, as well as oleic acid which is an omega 9 fatty acid) . Sea buckthorn oil also contains high levels of antioxidants (tocopherols, tocotrienols , carotenoids, plant sterols and fat-soluble vitamins.)

    Official Claims

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has evaluated the evidence behind vitamin A and has acknowledged the following claims:

    • Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
    • Contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes
    • Contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
    • Contributes to normal function of the immune system
    • Contributes to normal iron metabolism
    • Has a role in the process of cell specialisation

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