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    One of the best-documented Q10 products

    Many people use coenzyme Q10 daily, but are perhaps not aware that there can be large differences in the products.
    If you are in doubt whether you use the right product, you can try to test your current Q10 product against Bio-Quinone Q10, The world's most widespread Q10 brand:




    My current
    Q10 product

    More than 20 years of consumer experience in EU   Yes   ?
    Scientific evidence for bioavailability   Yes   ?
    Scientific data on safety   Yes   ?
    Scientific evidence of effectiveness   Yes   ?
    Reference product in international research Q10   Yes   ?
    Produced in Denmark under GMP control after drug standardisation   Yes   ?
    Nature Identical Q10 - ie. Identical to the form the body uses   Yes   ?
    Tested and proven in more than 90 scientific studies   Yes   ?
    Documentation that the product does not affect the body's own production of Q10   Yes   ?
    Used daily by thousands of consumers in more than 40 countries   Yes   ?
    A unique matrix of oil and heating method ensures that the Q10-crystals are dissolved in the stomach and can be absorbed   Yes   ?

    Bio-Quinon Q10 Q10 is EU's first product and contains easily absorbable Q10, which helps produce energy in body's cells and thus reduces fatigue and lassitude and contributes to healthy blood vessels.
    Bio-Quinon Q10 - when you want to pay a little more for quality and safety.


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