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    • Pure beta-carotene in an easily digestible and stable form - the natural precursor of vitamin A
    • 1 Provitamin A for the maintenance of normal skin, vision and mucous membranes
    • Manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control


    1 capsule contains:   %RDA
    1 Beta-carotene 9 mg *)
    *) RDA not established -  RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance.    

    Product Facts

    1 capsule daily, unless otherwise advised.
    Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
    Do not chew the capsule but swallow it whole, preferably during/after a meal.

    The use of high doses of beta-carotene is not recommended for heavy smokers.

    A healthy lifestyle and a varied balanced diet is important for maintaining good health.

    Soybean oil, gelatin, hydrogenated soybean oil, glycerol, beta-carotene, silicon dioxide.

    Dark, dry and at room temperature.
    Keep out of reach of young children.

    Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet.