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    Reporting of Side Effects

    This page contains the approved side effects reporting procedure for Pharma Nord products


    A side-effect is an unwanted effect of a drug. Herbal medicines and food supplements can also have side-effects.

    If you experience symptoms you did not expect, or symptoms that are not named in the patient information leaflet or other information for Pharma Nord products, you should contact your doctor. Important: If you consider that a side-effect may be serious you are recommended to immediately contact your doctor or the emergency services.

    Your doctor can judge if a side-effect requires your treatment to be changed, or recommend that you stop using a product. Your doctor can report side-effects, and relevant information from your medical journal that can help in their assessment, to the national medicines agencies.

    It is also possible to report side-effects via a pharmacy, or directly to the national medicines agency by following the instructions on their website.

    Side-effects can be reported to Pharma Nord, but we recommend that reports are made to your doctor.

    If you have questions regarding reporting of side-effects, including side-effects for food supplements and skin-care products, you are welcome to contact Pharma Nord.

    Reporting side-effects to Pharma Nord

    If you wish to report side-effects that you or one of your relatives has experienced directly to Pharma Nord, please contact Pharma Nord. See here for details.

    We prefer that you contact Pharma Nord by phone so that we can discuss side-effects experienced directly with you. However, you can also send an e-mail through our contact form containing as much of the important information below as possible. We may contact you if we require additional information.

    Important information
    Pharma Nord would like to know in order to evaluate side-effects is listed below. Please have this information at hand if you call, or include it in your e-mail:

    • Name and contact details (including nationality) of the reporter.
    • Name, age, and sex, of the person experiencing the side-effect(s).
    • Name(s) and batch number(s) of the Pharma Nord product(s) used.
    • Amount taken and when it was taken.
    • Date of start (and eventual stop) of use of the Pharma Nord product(s).
    • Description of side-effect(s), including date(s) of onset and development.
    • Name(s) of other drugs, herbal remedies, or food supplements taken and the reasons for use.
    • Any relevant medical history, notably previous experience with side-effects and allergy.
    • Any treatment or opinion given by given a healthcare professional.

    In some cases, Pharma Nord has an obligation to seek additional information from a Healthcare Professional with knowledge of the side-effects reported. Therefore, please provide the name and contact details of your doctor in case we need to contact them.