Capsule production


The Production Department also manufactures different types of capsules. Pharma Nord’s specialty is the manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules in different varieties. The active ingredients are mixed in an oil solution and encapsulated in soft gelatin.

During the manufacturing, the content is carefully measured and verified, and we also make sure that the gelatin shell has the correct thickness. All of this is documented at specified time intervals during the production and controlled afterwards by means of random sampling from the finished capsules in Pharma Nord’s own laboratory.

Once the capsules have been assembled they are led through a series of chambers that serve as tumble dryers. Afterwards, the capsules are collected in large plastic trays and placed in a special drying compartment for another day or two. The dried capsules are sorted and capsules with the wrong shape or size are discarded. The rest of the batch is now ready for packaging in large plastic bags that are quarantined until the quality control has been completed.