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Welcome to Pharma Nord's international webshop.

Here you are able to purchase the award-winning BioActive Ubiqinol with a discount of 25% by using your discount code from the sample box you have received.

  • The award-winning BioActive Ubiqinol is coenzyme Q10 with extraordinarily high bioavailability
  • BioActive Ubiqinol has been a huge success in all the countries where it has been introduced because of its high efficiency and excellent safety profile.
  • Pharma Nord Q10 can document its good bioavailability and quality for both its ubiquinone and ubiquinol
  • Manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control. It is a guarantee of product quality, safety and efficacy.
  • With vitamin C which contribute to the formation of energy in body cells and to the reduction of tiredness and fatique                                                             


Once Q10 is absorbed in the body most of the common form is converted into the reduced form. In young and healthy people 90-95% of present Q10 is ubiquinol. Normally the body is able to reduce normal Q10, but this ability may decline in the elderly. Ubiquinol has already been reduced and therefore has a very high bioavailability.